Virtual Events for the Healthcare Industry

CovalentEvents is a white label virtual event technology built specifically for eyecare organizations that require 360° support and services to execute successful virtual events.

Virtual eyecare events
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The #1 virtual event solution in healthcare


Your virtual platform will have everything you need to run a successful, seamless event with no hiccups.


Your event will have a modern look and feel and pixel-perfect booths, exhibits, and education halls.


Feature true-live and pre-recorded presentations with Q&A, chat, and other interactive features.

Key Features

Virtual events allow organizations to extend their reach, grow their sales pipelines, and build brand equity—before, during, and after the show.

Custom show hall and booths

Engage your attendees with custom exhibit halls, booths, conference halls, and even virtual cocktail rooms.

Virtual event booths
Sales tools

Powerful sales capabilities

Bring your entire sales force to the show without any travel costs! Sales reps can manage booths, utilize live chat and sync their leads to popular CRMs like SalesForce, HubSpot, Marketo, and more!

Live and pre-recorded education

Don’t let travel costs or COVID-19 keep great speakers from joining your event! Speakers can present from anywhere and stream their content to all attendees.

Live eyecare education
Live chat

Q&A and audience chat

Bring virtual attendees together to interact with live content, ask questions, answer polls, and share their ideas.

Powerful reporting

Your event dashboard will deliver both real-time reporting of metrics that impact decision making, and high-level reporting to deliver results to your executive leadership team.


See how ZEISS leveraged CovalentEvents to showcase their product innovations to the ophthalmology community

We’re an extension of your events team

CovalentEvents is much more than powerful event software–our team provides white-glove service to ensure that your event is successful from start to finish.

Virtual event consultants

Our team handles all pre-event and event-day logistics including administration, management, organization, and production.

Virtual event consultants

Our team facilitates the creation of all educational content making it easy to provide high-quality education to your event attendees.

Supercharge your event with marketing

With 40,000+ eyecare professionals registered on, we’ll supercharge your event by building a custom event marketing campaign to ensure that your trade show has over a thousand attendees!

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E-mail Marketing

Content marketing

Content Marketing

Social media marketing

Social Media Campaign


Influencer Campaign

Native ads

Native Advertising

Retargeting ads

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